Sponsors' relatives - Mrs. Shanthi (2nd from the left) and her mother ( 3rd from the right) 

N.Pudupatty,PUMS have been searching for sponsors to get a SMART CLASS of their own and the search has fetched the result in an unexpected way. The TV ( 42" LCD ) and Chrome Cast ( Chrome cast 3) were sponsored by Er. Arul B.E., brother of Mrs. Shanthi who is working as Block Resourch Teacher (i/c) for Mohanur Union. He has given his own tv to the school. Mrs. Shanthi and her mother ,who is also a retired teacher had came in person and presented the TV to he school. Namma School and PUPS, N.Pudupatty thank Er. Arul B.E. for his wonderful gesture.

InspiringTeachers (from left) Mr. Gobinath from PUMS, Perundurai North and Mr.Viswanathan from PUMS, Kavundampalayam.

Teachers (from left) Mr. Gobinath and Mr. Viswanathan

This is a good story to share. These two teachers Mr. Viswanathan from PUMS, Kavundampalayam and Mr. Gobinath from Perundurai North of Erode District are very few of the best teachers. They came all the way to Namakkal to get our SMART CLASS Demo unit on. They got our ideas so quickly and they showed so much interest to push things further in teaching. The pictures above are taken on the very next day in their schools while our demo unit put to use. We learned a lot from them. Thanks to both.

DEMO unit was put to use for the 63rd
 time in PUMS, Kondichettipatti on 26.07.19. One of the few schools which have more than 200 strength. Though the teachers are bit techophobic they showed their interest to learn SMART teaching and no need talk about the kids they are mesmerising as always. 

Do you know how much we love to learn? these children are the answer to the question.