First tree- Root irrigation system

   Our team have started the new academic year with a new project " GREEN SCHOOL" an initiative to make schools green and cultivating vegetables and greens for their noon meal needs. To start with, pungan tree sapling was planted at Jayakrishna Aided Primary School on 11.06.2019. What an evening it was! students were very eagar to plant , they were ready with the pit, water and importantly interest. To overcome the water scarcity issue , we are going to follow root irrigation system for trees and micro irrigation system for veggies. There was a beautiful pond full of water nearby.We have started off good. Support green school.

Our demo at PUPS, Thathampatty, Namakkal

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Pround Sponsors
1. Mrs.T.Jothi, Teacher, PUPS, Palayapalyam
2. Mrs. Kalamani, Teacher, PUPS, Palayapalayam
3. Mr. S.Karthick, Alumini, PUPS, Palayapalayam

Teachers Testimony " Sir it is very useful to us. Students are very curious to learn through this method. Thanks to Dr.Senthil sir and Jayakumar sir. Thank you for great help."